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The HOIS (Head Office Information System) and Prisma retail automation systems are the crystallisation of more than 10 years of evolution and experience in Eastern European retail operations of majors like Shell, Texaco, Amoco and OMV.

The systems were especially built to cope with the specific intricacies of the newly liberated markets in Central and Eastern Europe. In most countries, the HOIS and Prisma systems were the first to be certified by the local Fiscal authorities and, in some countries, a new generation of Fiscal regulations were drawn up with Prisma’s capabilities in mind.

The integrated solution of HOIS and Prisma allows major oil companies to tailor the systems functionality to their current operational requirements. The systems are dynamic entities. Changes to a company’s operational requirements can often be met by changing the configuration of the systems at the national headquarters - changes in functionality at the retail outlet sites then occur automatically at the predefined time.

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